Mosaic Engineering, Inc.

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Key Personnel

David Cubanski

Mr. Cubanski received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1993.  His technical areas of expertise revolve around imaging, image acquisition, and image processing and analysis, and include areas such as optics, analog, RF, and power electronics, digital camera design, computer vision and optical metrology, and the application of digital imaging in diverse industries including medical imaging, scientific imaging and instrumentation, and industrial automation and machine vision.

Mr. Cubanski has nearly twenty years of experience in these areas, and has had a variety of professional affiliations with companies within the machine vision, professional photography, and medical imaging communities.  In 1999, he cofounded Mosaic Imaging, Inc., which developed and manufactured the Luma and Luma II digital camera backs for studio photography.  In 2005, Mr. Cubanski incorporated Mosaic Engineering, Inc., to provide service and support to the Luma customer base, and as well to pursue the development of custom and specialized imaging modules for industrial and scientific applications.  This latter domain of activity has since become the core of Mosaic's current operations.


Bruce Radl

Mr. Radl, a photographic scientist with extensive optical system design experience, is skilled in project management, technical communications and interpersonal relationships.  He is adept at creating unique solutions to imaging systems problems and is proficient in computer applications for management and imaging.  His areas of expertise include geometrical/physical optics, digital photography, graphic arts, photographic hardware, image science and radiation/illumination.

Through employment at several imaging companies including Kodak, Polaroid and Scitex, Mr. Radl has designed or invented numerous components including camera back interface systems, an electro-optic tunable filter for multishot photography, an anti-aliasing filter, laser scanners, CCD cameras, currency scanners, film recorders, form readers, pupil expanders, optical viewers, and numerous illumination systems.

Mr. Radl has 30 years experience designing imaging systems and bringing them to market.  His past six years he has operated Mosaic Sciences, a consulting company, and there developed unique solutions to imaging problems.  These range from optimizing cell phone imaging for bar code scanning to LWIR/NIR spatial radiation modulator optical systems to 100% flaw inspection of web/sheet printed materials.  Prior to that while General Manager of Mosaic Imaging he introduced the first 11 megapixel professional studio camera.  Before that he has been a technical manager/contributor at Gretag Imaging, Sienna Imaging, Dicomed, Leaf Systems, Ektron and Eikonix.

Mr. Radl has a BS and an MS in Photographic Science and Instrumentation from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  In the imaging sciences he holds five patents and has one patent pending.


Keith Pflieger

Mr. Pflieger received his MSEE degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1992.  He has over 17 years of experience in communications systems, digital signal processing, digital hardware design, and embedded processing, and has previously held positions with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ViaSat, TrellisWare Technologies, and Slacker's (aka Broadband Instruments) satellite radio division.  His experience gives Mosaic Engineering a solid backing in digital hardware design including FPGA and ASIC development, advanced embedded signal processing, and satellite and wireless communications.

Mr. Pflieger has specific experience with GPS receiver design, advanced digital receiver and Software Defined Radio design, advanced FEC encoder/decoder design (including Turbo and Turbo-like codes), GSM and CDMA mobile cellular radio technologies, DSSS communications, control, and radiolocation systems, NAND FLASH technology, SATA/SAS interfaces, Xilinx/Altera/Actel FPGA & CPLD design, TI and ADI DSP processor programming, and highly optimized embedded processing for multiple platforms and operating systems.  He furthermore has broad practical experience in all phases of product development, from conception/proposal through high-volume manufacturing.