Mosaic Engineering, Inc.

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Aurora™ Configurable HDR Cameras

Based on the e2v (formerly Atmel / Thompson) TH7899M CCD, our Aurora™ digital cameras feature a large photosite well depth combined with very low dark current, for up to 14-bit linear dynamic range.  And, their modular internal design allows us to offer them in a wide variety of custom configurations, and with sophisticated options such as FPGA-based embedded real-time processing. 

Standard specifications include:

  • 2048 × 2048 (4 MP) resolution.
  • 14 μm square pixels; 100% aperture.
  • Full-frame or frame-transfer CCD architecture.
  • Up to 15 FPS as full resolution; higher rates possible while binning.
  • Extremely low dark current.
  • Dynamic range over 12,000:1 without active cooling.
  • Full-frame readout through 1, 2, or 4 taps.
  • 12-bit or 14-bit readout.
  • Base, Medium, or Full-configuration Camera Link interface.
  • Flexible triggering and external synchronization.

We are also pleased to offer:

  • FPGA-based real-time processing of streaming image data.
  • Multiple lens mount options including C/CS, Nikon F,Canon EF/FD, and customer-machinable faceplates.
  • Thermoelectric cooling for extreme long-exposure capability.
  • Multiple frame transfer options (FPA memory regions defined by mechanical shielding).
  • Removable image sensor cover glass.
  • Image sensors bonded to fiber-optic faceplates, tapers, and scintillators.

Please contact us to discuss your application's requirements, and how we can supply a camera to help you meet them.