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Blackmagic Design - Shim Kit for MFT Cameras


This page is under construction - please check back again soon!

Installation photos for the new shim kit components; this kit currently ships with all our filters for Blackmagic Cameras:

a.IMG 7583.800x600

b.IMG 7594.800x600

d.IMG 7558.800x600

e.IMG 7559.800x600

f.IMG 7560.800x600

g.IMG 7561.800x600

h.IMG 7562.800x600

i.IMG 7563.800x600

j.IMG 7564.800x600

k.IMG 7565.800x600

l.IMG 7566.800x600

m.IMG 7567.800x600

n.IMG 7568.800x600

o.IMG 7569.800x600

p.IMG 7581.800x600

q.IMG 7582.800x600