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A Solution to Aliasing and Moiré for Blackmagic
Cinema, Pocket, and Micro Cinema Cameras.

March 8, 2017: Please note that the product shown on this page, VAF-BMC-MFT, has now been replaced by our newest filter, the VAF/IR-BMD-MFT.  VAF/IR-BMD-MFT fully and correctly supports the Micro Cinema Camera, as well as the Pocket Camera, MFT Cinema Camera, and Studio Camera HD.

This Legacy page remains on our site for reference by users of the original VAF-BMC-MFT product.

The VAF-BMC-MFT is our optical solution to the video moiré and aliasing artifacts of the Blackmagic Design Pocket, Cinema, and Micro Cinema Cameras.

  • True optical correction before video image capture – no postproduction software filters or processing.
  • Filtered video is much more cinematic and smooth, without distracting false "digital" aliasing artifacts and moiré.
  • Effective in both RAW and compressed / ProRes formats.
  • Minimal impact on inherent camera sharpness.


This initial demonstration video illustrates the typical effect of the VAF-BMC-MFT filter on a scene with high-resolution detail that causes moiré and aliasing artifacts:




This video demonstrates the installation and removal of the VAF-BMC-MFT: