Mosaic Engineering, Inc.

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Optical Anti-Aliasing Filters & Optical Low-Pass Filters

(This pages describes conventional optical anti-aliasing filters and optical low-pass filters based on birefringent materials.  Please note however that we also offer alternative non-blurring technologies for optical anti-aliasing.)

We design and supply custom optical anti-aliasing filters and optical low-pass filters for use with CCD and CMOS area-array image sensors:

  • Specific aspects of performance can be optimized based on a target sensor's pixel pitch, a color filter array's structure and spectral sensitivities, imaging lens MTF, and other characteristics.
  • Both Bayer pattern and nonstandard color filter arrays can be effectively supported.
  • Multiple materials choices are available, giving fine control over subtle performance characteristics.
  • Orientation-dependent blurring, wavelength-dependent blurring, and other novel or experimental features can be provided.

Please contact us regarding your own unique application requirements.