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VAF/IR-BMD-MFT: Micro Cinema Camera; Pocket Camera; Cinema Camera 2.5K

The VAF/IR-BMD-MFT is our enhancement of our earlier filter for Blackmagic MFT Cameras - the VAF-BMC-MFT.

VAF/IR-BMD-MFT is now Available in our Online Store.

The VAF/IR-BMD-MFT now includes highly effective Infrared Filtration as an integral part of the optical design.  It has the same OLPF / Anti-Aliasing characteristics as our earlier filter.  However it also has a new mechanical design, so that it is even easier to install, and now fully supports all of the following cameras

  • Micro Cinema Camera
  • Pocket Camera
  • 2.5K MFT Cinema Camera
  • Studio Camera HD

Compatibility:  VAF/IR-BMD-MFT is fully compatible with all of these cameras, in combination with any Metabones Speedbooster.

BMMCC-filter-installed.IMG 7483.800x533

The filter is very easy to install:  It just snaps in place in your camera; please see our introductory video:


The filter ships with two precisely machined shims, and all the tools necessary to install them.  The shim kit fully corrects for the shift in back focus induced by the filter, so that all lenses will focus normally in cooperation with the filter.  Similarly, all zoom lenses will track focus normally, exactly as they did without the filter.  Please see our separate page with full Installation Instructions for the shim kit and filter.  Here is shown the contents of the full kit of parts and installation tools that comes standard with the filter:

a.IMG 7583.800x600