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VAF-7D Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter: Removal

(See Also: Installation)

The VAF-7D is very simple to remove from the 7D.  As before, please note:

Cleaning  If you accidentally touch the filter's coated optical surfaces, fingerprints can be easily wiped away using a just a single drop of alcohol on a piece of soft cotton cloth.  Most alcohol-based lens cleaners can be used as well.  As with any optics, avoid vigorous scrubbing, and be careful not to drag abrasive particles across the surface.

Camera OFF while Mounting / Dismounting Lens  If certain older EF lenses are removed from the 7D while it is turned on, their iris setting may be misread by the camera when they are reinstalled.  (This issue is unrelated to the VAF-7D, and can happen even if the VAF-7D isn't being used.)  The power on/off instructions included below will ensure that this doesn't happen.  If you inadvertently remove a lens with the camera on and cause this to occur, the solution is just to manually adjust the camera iris control to fully open the lens, and then to re-adjust it to your desired f-stop.

  • Hold the camera vertically during the following steps.  This will prevent any possibility of a dropped object striking the exposed image sensor.
  • Turn the camera OFF and remove the lens.  If you prefer, you may turn the camera back ON and press the Live View button to keep the camera's reflex mirror raised while removing the filter, though this step can be omitted.
  • Insert the provided tweezers into the two holes in the bottom of the filter as shown.
  • Make sure that the tweezers are fully inserted, so that the hooked tips extend all the way through the plastic base of the filter - this will prevent dropping the filter while it is being pulled from the camera.
  • Then gently push the filter upwards, in the direction of the reflex mirror, while pulling the bottom of the filter gently forwards to extract it from the camera body.
  • Wrap the filter in the dust-free cloth in which it was originally supplied, before returning it to its container.
  • If you didn't use the Live View button to keep the reflex mirror raised during removal, then it will fall safely to its lowered position when the VAF-7D is removed.
  • Turn the camera OFF before replacing the lens.