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8 MP Smart Camera Module with Removable Storage

This OEM module integrates an 8 MP CMOS camera, a 600 MHz ARM core processor, a TI C64 DSP core, and removable MicroSD storage into a rugged, compact, lightweight form factor.  Flexible I/O and interface options facilitate integration into a variety of applications, including:

  • Machine vision and image analysis in tight, space-constrained locations.
  • Imaging, compression, and storage aboard small airframes and UAVs with limited weight and power budgets.
  • Autonomous and robotic platforms.

The module’s open-source software architecture and embedded Linux operating system simplify customizations and enhancements, both for embedded applications, and for kernel and peripheral driver components as well.

Engineering assistance is available to support imaging-related applications, including both the integration of preexisting machine vision and image processing libraries, and the design and implementation of more specialized algorithms.  For further information, please see this product's PDF Datasheet.

Commercial and OEM inquiries welcome; please contact us.