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Initial Production & Group Buy: Filter for Ursa Mini 4K / 4.6K / Pro

VAF/IR-UM, for Ursa Mini 4K & 4.6K and Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K, may now be ordered in our online store - please follow this direct link to VAF/IR-UM.

Please note that the filter as currently offered in our store is at Promotional / Group Buy Pricing for our Initial Production Run of VAF/IR-UM.

This page is actively under construction!  Please check back soon for initial production status and group buy terms.

For full information on this new filter, please see our separate pages regarding:

The filter installs behind the camera's inner lens flange bezel, as shown here:

UM-optic-installed.IMG 7538.960x640

Installation is straightforward.  Please note that during the installation process, the camera's built-in, sealed blue-green glass is never disturbed or removed - our filter simply installs in front of this blue-green glass.  The highly clean, factory-sealed environment containing the image sensor is never tampered with or contaminated.

As with all our supplementary optical anti-aliasing filters, the Ursa Mini filter kit ships with everything you need:  A replacement camera flange inner bezel fitting the filter, a set of precision shims for precise back focus compensation, and all required installation tools, are all provided along with the filter itself:

IMG 7607.UM-Kit.960x640

As shown, a precision-machined shim set is supplied.  The optical shim compensates for the shift in back focus induced by the insertion of the filter behind the lens.  Therefore all lenses focus normally with the filter, and all zoom lenses track focus normally while zooming, just as they did without the filter.

For an initial demonstration of the filter's optical anti-aliasing performance, please see our introductory video:


The Ursa Mini filter also includes highly effective Infrared Filtration as an integral part of the filter's optical design.

Currently as of 7 April 2017, we have initiated first production of this new filter, and we will be updating this page and our online store with lead time and availability as soon as we have concrete information to post - so please check back soon!