Mosaic Engineering, Inc.

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Machine Vision Solutions

We love to be challenged with difficult machine vision and metrology problems.  Our team has nearly thirty years combined experience in machine vision, industrial inspection, and optical metrology; we also maintain collaborations with vision and imaging research groups on the nearby Pennsylvania State University campus, and are thus often able to integrate highly novel approaches into the solutions we provide. 

We have developed custom cameras, specialized structured lighting and optical systems, and complete measurement and inspection systems, for applications including:

  • Inspection of silicon wafers for both surface and internal bulk material defects and inclusions, integrating visible light, NIR, and SWIR modalities.
  • Aspcts of semiconductor packaging, including ball grid array coplanarity and bond wire geometry inspection.
  • Volumetric analysis of screen printed solder paste for real-time process monitoring.
  • Currency inspection; print quality monitoring.

Please contact us to discuss your own difficult or unusual requirements.