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VAF-50D Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter

Optical Anti-Aliasing for the Canon 50D with Magic Lantern RAW Video Recording.

Available now in our Online Store.

This page is under construction - please check back again soon!

IMG 1279.342x270

This is the new VAF-50D - for use with the Canon 50D when used with Magic Lantern RAW video recording.

An initial demo video using the VAF-50D was produced by Levi Davis and has been posted here:

Installation and removal of the VAF-50D are similar to all of our other VAF-series filters for the Canon crop-sensor cameras - see for example the VAF-60D.

Please note:  The VAF-50D, VAF-60D, and VAF-70D are all different, and designed specifically for their respective camera bodies - and therefore not mutually interchangeable.

Please check back again soon for additional video and other material!