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Flicker™ Handheld Platform

The Flicker™ mobile computing platform integrates an internal GPS receiver and three-axis digital compass with the full feature set normally found in a conventional point-and-shoot digital camera, in a powerful and flexible handheld computing platform.

Configurable with either a Windows CE or Linux operating system, the platform is easily programmed to run customized operational software for custom and proprietary applications.  Two internal PCMCIA receptacles allow a wide variety of peripherals and storage cards to be added, and almost any external instrument may be connected via the RS-232, USB client, USB host, digital I/O, NMEA, TSIP, and audio I/O ports brought out through five miniature circular connectors.

A variety of programmable buttons and a QVGA color touchscreen display provide highly flexible and configurable user interface options for application software.  A built-in white LED maplight is also included for outdoor night use.

For more information on the Flicker™ Instrumented Digital Camera, please view the Flicker™ Product Brief.

Flicker Camera, front

Flicker Camera, back